Connects Wear is a PowerPoint presenter.
A remote control for your PowerPoint presentations.
And it works with Wear OS (Android Wear) smartwatches.


The wear app sends a signal to your phone, which forwards the message to your computer. Therefore, the watch needs to be connected to your phone via bluetooth. Also, your phone and computer need to be connected to the same local network.


Connects comes in two different versions: Free and Pro. The Pro version has lots of additional features over the Free one. It can be purchased from Google Play for just under 1€.

Features Free Pro
Mobile and Wear: Change presentation slides
Mobile and Wear: Start/End presentation
Mobile and Wear: Function to test the connection between the watch, phone and computer
Wear: Option to turn off the display timeout
Wear: Dark mode, which turns down the brightness of the watch display and changes the color scheme, not only to save energy, but also to attract less attention while presenting
Mobile: Option to change slides with volume buttons
Wear: Display presentation duration
Wear: Option to enable vibration feedback on taps
Wear: Option to swipe left or right to change slides accordingly
Wear: Option to set an amount of minutes after which the watch vibrates to remind you about the duration of your presentation

If you would like to see a certain feature being added in the future, you can contact me here to suggest one.


In order for Connects to work, you need to download the Desktop UI in addition to the mobile application. Check the help section of this web page for more information on how to get started with Connects Wear.

Mobile and Wear - Android

The mobile application includes the wear application. You can get either the Free or the Pro version of Connects Wear on Google Play. To learn more about the differences between the two, please check out the features section of this web page.

Desktop - Windows | macOS | Linux

To properly use Connects Wear, you need the Desktop UI. This software must be running on your computer while you want to use Connects Wear, since it receives the signals sent from your smartphone to your computer. The Desktop UI is the same for the Free as well as the Pro version. It can be dowloaded here.

Please note: The Desktop UI requires Java. If you do not have Java installed on your computer, you can dowload it here.
Please also note: Since the current version of the Desktop UI does not support Windows Scaling, please turn it off while using the Desktop UI.
See the known issues section of this webpage for more information.


Even more detailed instructions for all components and features will be added here soon.

Getting started (Set up Connects Wear)

Please perform the following steps to make sure Connects Wear works correctly:

Please note that if you want to use Connects Wear on your smartwatch, the mobile app of Connects Wear must always be running on your smartphone simultaneously. You may lock your smartphone or even open other apps, but the Connects Wear app has to at least be opened in the background on your smartphone while using Connects Wear from your watch.

Connects Wear should now be working. If you have any problems setting up Connects Wear, please contact me here.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some interesting tips, tricks and facts about Connects Wear:

Known Issues

I am currently aware of the following problems:

If you found other bugs or have a problem with any of the software components otherwise, please contact me here.

Incompatible Devices

So far, I have not found any devices that are incompatible with Connects Wear. If you think your device is incompatible, please contact me here so I can investigate and hopefully resolve the issue or otherwise add your device to this list.

Still having trouble?

Please contact me here!


Should any of the points below apply to you, please do not hesitate to contact me (the developer of Connects Wear, Yannik Rauter) at this E-Mail address: connectswearapp@gmail.com

I look forward to resolving any issues and am thankful for all sorts of tips and suggestions!